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Working with XMLScript in Bartender 9.4

There are a couple of gotchas when attempting to automate BarTender using XMLScript against an SQL database. Here’s the example from the documentation: The sql you use in XMLScript needs to match the sql that BarTender uses in the database … Continue reading

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Write Conflict with Access as front end to MySQL database

There are all sorts of things that can cause a write conflict when using Access with tables linked to a back end database, but here’s one I hadn’t seen before: A date or datetime column with default values outside Access’ … Continue reading

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Making BarTender an optional component

I need to add bar code printing to an existing application, and the component we chose to use is BarTender (9.3 SR3). The problem is that BarTender is only installed on a few of the workstations running the application. If … Continue reading

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Upgrading settings in the ProgramData folder

One of my applications has several small xml files saved in the ProgramData folder that contain configuration information.  This works nicely, but when a new version of the application is installed, I need to bring these files forward so the … Continue reading

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